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Description and price, the duration of erotic massage programs. A diverse range of relaxation programs for men and women in Perm.

Program for the most modest romantics. Be sure, we thought it through!
Program for connoisseurs of romantic adventures. For you, a massage program with fully naked masters.
Program for proven relationships. Choose masters along with your mate, and go on a sensual journey.
Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi is one of the most ancient types of massage. Absolute exclusive of our studio.

A wonderful chance to get acquainted with our Studio. Your naked relaxation master will completely relax your body and warm up your muscles after the exhausting working day…

• One girl • Shower • Classic massage with «stone» therapy • Tea ceremony

Juicy impressions of what's happening to you are assured! Your master will bring himself to the peak of pleasure in front of your eyes ...

• Relaxing classical massage • Relaxing erotic massage • Erotic part includes a frank peep show performed with toys • one master • one final

«Business lunch» programme – great chance to get acquainted with our studio and girls.

We will offer you cocktail-shower with a girl and a tea ceremony.

• One girl • Shower • Erotic massage • Massage

Do you want to order dessert for your business lunch? Then this programme is for you. As a bonus to a massage we have included the classical part to relaxation of your body.

• One girl • Shower • Erotic massage • Massage

The peculiarity of the program is that every 70 min. the girl is changing.

3 girls • classical massage • erotic massage • the maximum number of additions from the crazy menu with each girl (Touching Story, Playful Breeze, Peep Show, Private Dance, Body Massage) • 1 guest

Massage for ladies. You can experience totally new sensations, emotions and discover your body… We will bring you to it… In order to make you relaxed, we offer a gift: champagne, a toy and 15 minutes of «pleasant communication» with the relaxation master.

• Girl/man • Shower or Jacuzzi • Massage for a girl with a sex-toy

Ladies! You’ve always dreamt of surprising your partner? Didn’t know how?
We will help you! Our «Geishas» will pass you all their knowledge and skills, you and your beloved will be delighted, we promise :)
A small bonus from us – champagne for relaxation.

Small bonus from us – champagne for relaxation.

Light and darkness, sun and moon, heat and cold, man and woman. Two halves. The program consists of two parts, where during the first half hour the relaxation master is wrapped up in your hands and movements, then you switch roles and fall into the magic atmosphere of erotica…

• One girl • Shower • Massage to the masseuse with your hands • Erotic massage • Tea ceremony

Spanish massage is an amazing relaxing massage that gives not only a feeling of lightness and freedom but also gives a tremendous effect of healing and rejuvenation of the body as a whole.

Do you have secret desire?
Tell us. The programme is saturated with caresses of male perineum area. Any toy that you pick is a gift for you. We know how to fulfill your inner desires.

• One girl • Jacuzzi or sauna • Classic massage • Erotic massage • Anal plug • Explicit caresses of perineum area of a man

Legs, feet, toes… It’s exciting, isn’t it? Female legs have always thrilled the men, and we have made your desires come true…

• One girl • Shower • Classic massage • Erotic massage with feet and toes techniques • Tea ceremony

Do you like to bring pleasure? The highlight of this programme, as you guess, is caresses of bikini area of the masseuse) The ecstasy peak from the goings-on is guaranteed to you! The bonus from the studio is any toy that you pick from our «Desires Case».

• One girl • Jacuzzi or sauna • Classic massage • Erotic massage • Vibro-bullet • Girl’s bikini area caresses

Light breathings, tender kisses over your body, imitation of oral caresses during the whole treatment. For those who prefer adrenaline buzz we add «spice» – gentle nibbling which you won’t be able to resist.

• One girl • Jacuzzi or sauna • Classic massage • Erotic massage • Kisses over the whole body excluding private parts • Light breathing • Imitation of oral caresses

Beautiful girls in a passionate lesbian show - is not this a dream? Hot showers, candles, two masters, kisses, hugs, contact of bodies ...Toy for the brightness of the finale. We assure your eyes will be satisfied ...

two girls • aquarelax • classical massage • erotic massage • lesbi show • sex toy

Your own scenario is important for you? Your own rules?
The special feature of this massage programme is playing according to your rules, and the bonus from us is maximum amount from Crazy Menu at your choice!

• Two girls • Jacuzzi or sauna • Tantric massage • Erotic massage • Own scenario • Maximum Crazy Menu

The name of the program speaks for itself! Three hours of craziness and insanity, two fatal beauties, two «touching stories», a toy from «Desires Case» as a gift…

Champagne, gently and frisky, which spreads over the body…

• Two girls • Sauna and Jacuzzi • Classic massage • Sensual massage • A toy from “Desires Case” • Champagne as a bonus

A perfect program for you and your friends! Everyone will receive our attention, sensual massage with a “touching” story, and champagne.

• Girl for each guest • Shower and Jacuzzi • Massage • Studio closing •  Birthday boy/groom gets 2 girls

You have a nice company and you want to be the only ones in the studio? You want to enjoy massage and exciting contact with the relaxation masters? We offer you three girls with unique programmes, studio closing, champagne and music, as well as the three “touching” stories in addition to programs.

• Three girls • Three unique programmes • Classic massage • Erotic massage • Three touching stories • Studio closing • Champagne as a bonus

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Crazy menu

Additional to the basic programmes, duration and conditions will be specified by our administrator

Our administrator will always inform you about the new relaxation master at our studio, to give you an opportunity to enjoy the company of two relaxation masters including the young assistant.
At all times dancing fascinated men, female body curves impressed them… A girl is swirling round the pole, gently taking off her clothes, smoothly approaching you… +15 minutes to the chosen program.
«Body to body», the relaxation master slides over you with her breast, booty, fully naked… This complement will add the flavor to any basic program.
Naughty breeze will become your favorite complement to the basic programme. Explicit imitation of oral caresses of your most important body part… What can be better?
You like to perceive female body not only with your eyes, but also with your hands, touching her velvet skin? A Touching story will allow you to enjoy the body of a relaxation master by 100%. You will apply coconut oil over the body of a relaxation master, touching her breast, belly, hips, admiring the beauty and grace of a female body.
A sensual show where a man “loves” with his eyes, while a naked girl brings herself up to the final point with her hands. +15 minutes to the chosen program.
+ 15 minutes to the chosen program.
Nothing inflames men’s hearts as much as beautiful female legs covered with lace…
As an addition to the massage, we can offer intimate hair-cut for the main part of your body. The procedure can be done both with standard depilation aids and with wax. It depends on what you like.
Hotel for an hour  1500 Rub
Sometimes you want to remain in the girl’s company after the massage over a cup of coffee, to talk about the meaning of life or just to keep silent together :)
Any day can be made brighter if you spend it in a company of two, three, four… sexy girls. Massage with four, six and more hands – the best way to relax!
Everyone has desires… «Sexy Desire Case» will open the door to the world of wonderful fantasies, where the relaxation master will introduce you to the main “treats” in private.
Do you believe in love at first sight? You are imagining a dinner with candles? You can “steal” the relaxation master…
The studio closes for 1.5 hours, you and our administrator can sing, dance or, maybe, the administrator will surprise you with massage…